Creating Forms in Excel Using VBA

Whenever a large amount of data is handled, normal forms do not work. For this, you need to be creating forms in excel using VBA ( Visual basic for applications). Mostly financial and accounting forms make use of such type of forms as it involves lot of mathematical calculations. These forms are also used for conducting surveys. The greatest advantage of using VBA application for creating forms in excel is that the graphic interface elements can be added in the forms like labels, checkboxes, text boxes, radio buttons, drop down boxes, etc. This not just makes the form extremely interactive but also enables you to organize the data received. VBA in coordination with Excel can help develop complex excel-based programs. Not just regular field information, even attractive images can be added on the form using this application.

Excel forms using VBA allow the user to work at great speed. It is not like a normal excel form which comes with a host of features that allows the user to handle large amount of data. Using those features will usually not be very easy for a novice. Even advanced excel users would find it difficult to make complex excel forms with large amounts of data using the regular features available in Microsoft Excel. Using a VBA editor, the user can create excel VBA form in an open workbook very easily. The code has to be written inside the appropriate cell in the excel spreadsheet. This facilitates proper data transfer. Once the